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Happy 1st of December year 3 !


via GIPHY Your homework this week is to practise all of the song words you have been given for the upcoming Christmas production… there are quite a lot so good luck! 🙂 If you want to do something extra – you can write down some fact families for multiplication and division and comment them below […]

English Homework


For your English homework this week, we would like you to practise your blogging skills. Visit all the class blogs and post at least three comments on what you find there. Your comments should be in complete sentences –  make sure you include capital letters and full stops. REMEMBER – E-SAFETY Only use your first name but […]

National Poetry Day – homework


Thursday was National Poetry Day. Post your favourite poem and tell everyone why you enjoy this poem. Make sure you include the full title and author. E-Safety: REMEMBER – FIRST name only and no genuine email addresses. I look forward to seeing the poems you share!

Imperative verbs and adverbs :-)


Can you comment some imperative verbs and adverbs below?

Our Topic… The Egyptians!


15.09.17 We have had a great start to Year 3!   🙂 I am so happy because: You work well together as a class You are kind to each other (and to me!) You impress me with your manners and listening skills  You have hundreds (no), THOUSANDS (yes!) of amazing ideas and questions You are excited […]

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