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English Homework

For your English homework this week, we would like you to practise your blogging skills.

Visit all the class blogs and post at least three comments on what you find there.

Your comments should be in complete sentences –  make sure you include capital letters and full stops.


Only use your first name but include your class either 3a or 3b.

Only use a made up email address, not a genuine email


This week we started writing about and painting our Egyptian Gods!

Have a look here again next week for some images 🙂

‘The One Far Above’


  • Man with the head of a hawk
  • A hawk

Horus was a god of the sky.

He is probably most well-known as the protector of the ruler of Egypt.

The Egyptians believed that the pharaoh was the ‘living Horus’.

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National Poetry Day – homework

Related image

Thursday was National Poetry Day.

Post your favourite poem and tell everyone why you enjoy this poem.

Make sure you include the full title and author.


REMEMBER – FIRST name only and no genuine email addresses.

I look forward to seeing the poems you share!

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Imperative verbs and adverbs :-)

Can you comment some imperative verbs and adverbs below?

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Our Topic… The Egyptians!


We have had a great start to Year 3!   🙂

I am so happy because:

  • You work well together as a class
  • You are kind to each other (and to me!)
  • You impress me with your manners and listening skills
  •  You have hundreds (no), THOUSANDS (yes!) of amazing ideas and questions
  • You are excited and enthusiastic about learning!


Challenge 1

Write in the Comments section, at the bottom of this post, something you have seen at home that used INSTRUCTIONS

We have been looking at Instructions, this is a type of text (or even images) used to explain to the reader

WHAT to do and HOW to do something. You can find instructions everywhere! (Road signs, recipes, games)

What to do = the Imperative verb (chop, cut, twist, hold)

How to do it = the Adverb (slowly, carefully, gently, quickly)

I will make the first comment 🙂

Challenge 2

Look at the keyboard image above, click this link to see it clearly –

Hieroglyphic Typewriter

Look at the letters (keys) and figure out how to draw / spell your name in Egyptian writing (Heiroglyphics).

If you can, draw it out on paper and bring it in to share with the class 🙂

Have a great weekend year 3! From Miss Yiu


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